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Busão é passado!

Busão é passado!: Bicicleta, carro e aplicativos são alternativas usadas pela população de Curitiba e região para enfrentar a cara passagem de ônibus. Leia na Tribuna PR

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Intervention de Christophe Geourjon sur les Mobilité actives - Conseil...

Publicado em 17 de mai de 2016
Le Plan de Déplacement Piéton un outil incitatif a intégrer au Plan d’action pour les mobilités actives 2016-2020

La Communauté urbaine de Lyon s’était engagée depuis plusieurs années dans une politique visant à inciter l’usage du vélo et à faciliter la marche sur l’agglomération, notamment, à travers ses 2 précédents plans modes doux. Ce plan d’actions pour les mobilités actives inscrit cette dynamique de reconquête par les modes actifs dans une stratégie d’action globale et partagée. Il rassemble ainsi le plan modes doux dédié essentiellement au vélo et engagé lors du précédent mandat et le plan piéton dont le principe a été délibéré le 13 janvier 2014 « vers une stratégie piéton à la Communauté Urbaine de Lyon ».

Christophe Geourjon est intervenu afin de présenter une nouvelle fois sa proposition de Plan de Déplacement Piéton (projet déjà présenté en 2013), projet qui améliorerait la mobilité et la qualité de vie des Lyonnais.

Retrouvez l'intervention sur : http://metropoledelyon-udi.org/le-pla...

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Desacelere Curitiba - Viver em segurança

Publicado em 19 de mai de 2016
O que é uma cidade mais segura para você? A VIVER Curitiba acompanhou o cicloativista Jorge Brand no seu trajeto até o trabalho para saber o que Curitiba está fazendo para garantir mais segurança aos cidadãos.

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Top 5 Bike Inventions you must have ▶4

Publicado em 20 de abr de 2016
More Amazing Bike Invetions you should buy.....

Grasplock http://www.grasplock.com/
Haiku http://www.haiku.bike/
Blaze Lazerlight https://blaze.cc/laserlight/
SadaBike http://www.sadabike.it/en/
Velosock https://velosock.com/

Bike Friendly Cities: Seville

Publicado em 7 de abr de 2015
Against all the odds Seville managed to turn the city into a haven for cycling enthusiasts. We decided to reveal it’s secret in our next feature film in the ‘Bike Friendly Cities’ series. Read the article herehttp://goo.gl/vgIAbF


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Top 5 Bicycle inventions You Must Have-Top 5 de los mejores gadget de ci...

Publicado em 24 de fev de 2016
In this video we present you 5 of the best bicyle ivention you can buy in 2016.
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►4. Boncho:http://vanmoof.com/boncho/156-boncho-...
►3. Airdonkey:http://donkey.bike/
►2. Smart Halo: https://www.smarthalo.bike/
►1. Glide Cycle:http://www.glidecycle.com/
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Since it's introduction in the 19th century,the bicycle's invention has had an enormous effect on society.

1. The Glide Cycle is an innovative method of transportation, combining the convenience of a bike with the exhilaration and fitness benefits garnered from running. This modern invention, featured on CNBC's Make Me a Millionaire Inventor, features two wheels, handlebars, and a seat that supports you while allowing complete free motion of your legs. It's design is ideal for athletes, those recovering from injury, or just anyone, of all ages, in need of a workout.

2. Smart Halo is a permanent accessory, transforming your regular Bicycle into a smart bike, by connecting it with your smart phone:samsung,iphone,or lg. Smart Halo brings the convenience of a GPS often found in cars and trucks to bicycles. It focuses on optimizing routes for both speed and safety, making locating a bike path a problem of the past. Smart halo not only directs you, with lights indicating when and where to turn, but it also tracks your speed, distance, time, and even calories burned while riding. It also syncs with your smart phone. Alerting you of calls, texts, and other notifications. Right on your handlebar.

3.Air Donkey, whose mascot aims to highlight its simple, affordable vehicles allows you to rent a bike online. This service, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, aims to one day make bicycles available in cities around the world. The rental system utilizes your phone. You pay online for a nearby bike, and then unlock it using a code on your smart phone. Simple, easy travel designed for tourism or day-to-day commutes.

4. Boncho is, as the name entails, a sort of poncho for bicycles. A standard rain coat is fine for your upper body while cycling, but it fails to protect your lower half from the rain. Boncho easily attaches to your bike, protecting both your legs and feet, as well as the rest of your body. It folds and unfolds seamlessly, similar to a pop up tent, and it even functions with a helmet or backpack.

5. Jogalong is a stroller with family fitness in mind. It features handle bars fixed on the back that allow for both walking and running with no extra adjustment necessary. Not limited to running, it also converts into a bicycle trailer. This invention was designed with ergonomics in mind, ideal for staying active while spending time with your child.

The most bicycle-friendly cities in the U.S.

Publicado em 12 de mai de 2015
Where to go if you want to put the pedal to the metal with your own two feet.

Bicycle-Friendly Streets: Design Standards

Publicado em 3 de dez de 2014
Bike Friendly Streets: Design Standards present examples of how cities across the United States and globally are redesigning their streets to accommodate and encourage bicycling. From Road Diets that make room for bike lanes to complete redesigns of streets, cities are stepping up to the challenge of providing a variety of options for the bicyclists in their communities. This course is taught by a traffic engineer and geared for planners who want to learn how to properly build buffered bike lanes, cycle tracks, and other appropriate bike infrastructure for safer, mixed-moded transportation infrastructure.

Sign up for an affordable subscription and watch the full course:
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